Primelife Vt Weight Loss Program

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Our weight loss program has 6 phases to help support you on your weight loss journey: 

Phase 1: Detox:

  • The detox phase is 5-7 days to get your body ready. This is vital so your body doesn’t fight losing weight.

Phase 2: Load Day:

  • One day to accelerate a shift in your metabolism from burning sugar to burning fat. We maintain this “fat-burning” metabolism for the entire Weight Loss Accelerator Phase.

Phase 3: Weight Loss Accelerator:

  • Your purpose in this phase is to get into the “fat-burning” metabolism and stay there for the entire 40 days. There are several ways to pull yourself out of this beneficial metabolism, and that’s where education comes in. The more determined you are to stay in this metabolism, the better your results will be.

Phase 4: Lock-In

  • This is three days to hit the pause button on the younger, faster metabolism you’ve worked hard to establish.

Phase 5: Reset:

  • This three week phase is where you actually take the faster metabolism you paused in the Lock-In phase. This pace of burning calories has become your new normal. This might be the most important phase, as you will be able to set yourself up to either lose more weight or simply keep off the weight you just lost.

Phase 6: New Normal:

  • This phase lasts the rest of your life. You have new normals in a few areas. New normal weight. New normal foods choices. New normal portions proportions. New normal criteria for what you consider eating clean. New normal for how often you are willing to stray from clean eating.

These are vital shifts that will serve you for the rest of your life.

What are the benefits of the Primelife Vt Weight Loss Program?

You will lose a lot of weight, mostly fat, in the healthiest possible way, regardless of anything you’ve tried before. You will be eating healthier than ever, and incorporating that as part of your lifestyle.

Your quality of life will be way better, and your life expectancy will increase by years or even decades. Your odds of developing diseases of lifestyle will go down dramatically. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, ulcers and other digestive diseases, lots of cancers along with dozens of others will be significantly reduced. If you already have health challenges that force you to take medications, your doctor will likely have to take you off them.

There’s nothing more empowering than losing a lot of weight, looking younger, feeling great and getting your mojo back. If you’re like most other people who have worked with us, you will be happier, more active and have a more positive attitude about life.

When someone is ready to consider making a commitment to themselves to get healthy and earn a body they can be proud of, that’s where we come in. We give you the tools to take control of your health destiny.

We will be your trusted guide to help you stay motivated and on track. We’re not a pill, hormone or injection that won’t last if you don’t keep paying and taking it forever. This is a wholesome way of eating for the rest of your life, and we start out with weight loss in mind. Soon you will have tremendous health momentum and you will be hooked on your own good health. Your metabolism will be younger and faster than it’s been in years. For that reason it will be easier (not easy, but easier) to keep the weight off or lose more.

Red Light Body Contouring

Primelife Vt utilizes an advanced technology to facilitate weight loss. This is the best Red Light available. It helps in the cleanest, healthiest way by facilitating the escape of fat from fat cells. The Red Light Body Contouring system, when used in conjunction with a weight loss program that is based on sound principles of nutrition, is a phenomenal combination.

While most doctors' offices avoid talking about side effects because they are so terrible, we love to talk about them. Everything we do has tremendously healthy side effects, including the Red Light. There are NO recorded negative side effects in the thousands of studies done on red light therapy. ALL of the side effects are positive. It helps with inflammation, arthritis, energy levels, pain, circulation and literally dozens of other health conditions including serious ones, such as cancer. Another side benefit is that it tightens and tones the skin by naturally causing your body to produce collagen and elastin. Seems a little like hitting the jackpot!

Get Started Today

Get started on your journey by coming in for a unique and extremely informative visit. We start you with a Body Composition Analysis. Then you have a session of Red Light Therapy in our Oasis room, where you escape from the demands and pressures of the world we live in. You will have measurements taken before and then after this session, and you will be shocked to find out that you will absolutely lose at least 2 inches, right then and there! I know it sounds impossible, but you will see. It works that well!

After that, you have a consultation where we put it all in perspective for you. We will go over your Body Composition Analysis to see how your weight is affecting your health. We will go over your before and after measurements from your red light session. We will then have a strategy session to help you get clear on your weight and health goals, identify the obstacles that are tripping you up and create a game plan for you.

This visit can be the starting point of something truly amazing…your transformation. We review your weekly Body Composition Analysis (BCA) with you as you progress. You will be treated as the individual you are. Your coaching and recommendations will be private and specific to you, so your unique and individual challenges will be addressed and conquered.

What do you have to lose?


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