The Initial Consultation For The Vt Program

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Our in-office weight loss program has many benefits to help you on your journey.

More than a Consultation

This is way more than a consultation. We call it a “demo,” because you get a demonstration of the futuristic Red Light Body Contour System. This is very exciting because we take measurements before and then after the session and you will absolutely lose two or more inches. Most people don’t believe this is possible until they see it. Enjoy the seclusion and relaxation that our Oasis room provides, and escape from the pressures and stresses of the world for these precious moments.

We will perform a Body Composition Analysis to measure your body water%, fat %, visceral fat rating and metabolic age (how fast or slow is your metabolism?). We want to know how your weight is affecting your health, and the Body Composition Analysis provides us with excellent information for this purpose.

The greatest benefit of the visit is the consultation to provide you with the information we gathered during your visit. You will learn a lot. If we believe our program is your best solution, we will discuss that with you and explain why we believe that.


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